Gross Motor Delay

Physical Therapy Can Improve Gross Motor Delays in Children

Every parent gets excited over the idea of watching their child hit milestones at certain ages. You anxiously watch them with your camera to catch that very first step.  It’s a huge deal the first time they’re able to toss a ball to you to play. However, in some cases, children can have trouble developing the proper gross motor skills necessary to do these things. 

Gross motor delays occur when a child does not begin moving around (rolling over, crawling, walking, etc) when they reach the right age to do so. These activities are considered “big movements” because they use the large muscles in the torso area, arms, and legs. Gross motor skills are vital to developing early on so that there is a smaller likelihood of future health problems occurring.

If your child is experiencing delays with any or all of these gross motor skills, Reavis Rehab & Wellness Center in Round Rock, TX is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about treatment options for your child.

Types of Gross Motor Delays in Children

According to Choose PT, 14% of all toddlers and preschoolers in the United States are classified as having developmental delays of some sort. Gross motor delays fall into this category, and there are a variety of ways they can be caused. 

Here is a list of some of the more common causes for gross motor delays in toddlers and children:

  • Genetic disorders (Down’s Syndrome)
  • Being born prematurely (which can cause muscles to develop at a slower rate) 
  • Nerve or muscle disorders (muscular dystrophy or cerebral palsy)
  • Autism or other developmental problems
  • Hypothyroidism (usually found in older children)

How Reavis Rehab & Wellness Center Treats Gross Motor Delays

If your child has a gross motor delay or developmental problem, your worry and confusion can stop here. 

Our therapists will put together a treatment care plan to ensure your child’s success. Pediatric physical therapy for gross motor delays  often involves targeted stretches to improve a child’s physical strength, play time to teach them the correct way to hold toys and explore, as well as exercises and training to improve how they crawl, walk or run. 

Your child’s therapist will also most likely put together an at-home exercise program so that you can continue to practice with your child away from the clinic. Your involvement can speed up progress and make your child more comfortable with their therapy.

Contact Reavis Rehab & Wellness Center Today For An Appointment!

If you’ve noticed your child is struggling with being able to run, play, walk, or use torso muscles, it’s time to intervene. Contact Reavis Rehab & Wellness Center in Round Rock, TX today for more information regarding the treatment for gross motor delays in children. Our physical therapists are ready and waiting for your call, and will put together a treatment plan that will address your child’s growth and development. 

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