Augmentative Communication Training Device

Articulation impairments are disorders relating to the production of sounds in any given spoken language.  A child may substitute one sound for another, insert incorrect sounds, or omit sounds altogether.  Depending on the severity, the speech of a child with an articulation disorder may be very difficult to understand.  Although some errors are considered developmental, that is, normal for a child of a certain age to make, a problem or disorder may be present if the errors persist past a certain age.  For example, it may be normal for a young child to say “wed” for “red” or “tato” for “potato” depending on a child’s age.  By age 4, most children should be understood by all listeners nearly 100% of the time.  Adults can also have speech sound disorders.  These problems may stem from childhood or maybe present after a stroke or traumatic brain injury. Contact us today!

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