Did You Know PT, OT, and ST Could Benefit Both ADD and ADHD?

There are many strategies that parents can use to treat their child’s ADHD and ADD symptoms. At Reavis Rehab & Wellness Center, our physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists are effective at helping a child control her impulsiveness, hyperactivity, and inattentiveness.

In-clinic treatments, combined with at-home strategies, are helpful at improving an ADHD or ADD child’s overall behavior. For more information, consult with one of our Round Rock, TX therapists today!

ADD, ADHD, and therapeutic treatments

According to Kids Health, PT can help “decrease pain, improve movement, and help kids return to daily activities.”

Many doctors will recommend physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy as a combined treatment plan for young children diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Our integrated care team will use several techniques to encourage the child to control his or her behavior.

Our team can suggest alternate behaviors to use in different situations. For instance, through physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, a child with ADD or ADHD can discover a healthy way to cope when the urge strikes to act out in a disruptive way.

Our services are also useful for children who are struggling socially. ADD and ADHD children may have difficulty interacting with their peers and have the inability to make lasting friendships. Our integrated care team may meet one on one with the child or set up a peer group with a small number of kids diagnosed with the same disorder. Peer groups allow children to interact under the supervision of a therapist who can provide feedback on conflict resolution and practicing good social skills.

Additionally, through a combined treatment plan, a child with ADD or ADHD can learn skills to stay on track when they get distracted or when they are completing a task that does not have their full interest or attention.

Environmental factors in behavior

Parent involvement is essential for the combined treatment methods to work. Our team can educate parents on how creating a structured environment will help keep the child on track.

Some actions you can take at home to promote healthy and positive behavior with your child include:

Daily routines

Set up predictable rituals at home to help your child know what to expect. Hang up a schedule for your child to view, creating a visual for what time he or she is waking up each morning, doing homework, exercising, playing, bathing, eating meals, and going to bed. In the beginning of the treatment plan, it may be best to keep afterschool activities to a minimum to avoid overwhelming the child. Our integrated care team can help you set this up this daily routine schedule after your child’s treatment plan has been created.

Better sleeping habits

Getting enough sleep each night will help your child stay focused during the day. Bedtimes need to be consistent with a wind-down period beforehand. Consistent daily exercise as prescribed by our movement specialists can help with this, as exercise will allow your child to release his or her energy and welcome sleep at the end of the day. A relaxing bath and/or story before bed may also be good rituals to start, as they can help your child wind down. Avoid screen time before bed since this may make it difficult for the child to become sleepy.

Positive reinforcement

There are several techniques that our team, along with the child’s parents, employ to alter the child’s negative behavior at home and at school. One method is positive reinforcement. The basis of this technique is to catch the child doing something good and reward the behavior. The reward can be as simple as allowing for extra play time as a result of completing a homework assignment. This type of reward is a win/win, as it allows the child to recognize acceptable behavior and rewards a job well done with physical activity – two things that help tremendously with the treatment of pediatric disorders.

At Reavis Rehab & Wellness Center, we can help

Our Round Rock, TX physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists can work with you to supply your child with all the tools that he or she needs to manage ADD or ADHD symptoms and thrive. 
We will help teach your child self-control and confidence, so he or she can learn to succeed independently. Contact Reavis Rehab & Wellness Center today to learn more.