Failure to Thrive

Treatment for Failure to Thrive at Reavis Rehab & Wellness Center

Parents dread the thought of hearing terms such as “sickly” or underweight” applied to their children. In some cases, however, kids may display growth challenges collectively described as a failure to thrive. Failure to thrive may stem from numerous causes and produce numerous symptoms. Fortunately, you can help your child overcome these challenges with the help of your physical therapist at Reavis Rehab & Wellness Center in Round Rock TX.

What Is Failure to Thrive?

“Failure to thrive” is more of a description or syndrome than an actual condition in the traditional sense of the world. Pediatricians apply it to situations where a child fails to gain size and weight on pace with most children of the same age. Although newborn babies typically lose weight rather than gain it in their first few days of life, insufficient weight or stunted growth that shows no signs of reversing itself may indicate failure to thrive. 

Symptoms Associated With Failure to Thrive

The most obvious overall sign of failure to thrive is unusually low weight and slow growth. Other symptoms or associated trouble signs may include skin problems, developmental delays, respiratory problems, muscle wasting, swollen hands or feet, heart murmur, and changes in hair color or texture.

Specific trouble signs or symptoms may point toward the underlying cause of a child’s failure to thrive. Muscle wasting, for instance, may occur due to nutritional imbalances or cerebral palsy. a heart murmur may indicate cardiac issues. Hair changes may mean a zinc deficiency.

Our Physical Therapy Techniques Can Help Your Child Thrive

Because failure to thrive can affect a child in many ways and for many reasons, it usually pays to take a holistic, multi-modal approach toward treatment — with physical therapy as one of those treatment modes. Our Round Rock TX team can work alongside nutritionists, speech pathologists, mental health experts, and other pediatric specialists to help your child overcome specific barriers to healthy development. For instance, if your child has developed muscle wasting or loss of coordination due to an underlying condition, your child’s physical therapist can prescribe exercises to help rebuild strength, balance, and flexibility as part of the overall treatment regimen.

We’re Here to Help in Round Rock TX

Many children get past an early-life failure to thrive to enjoy happy, healthy lives. You can start your child along this same path by contacting Reavis Rehab & Wellness Center and scheduling an appointment. Our Round Rock TX team is standing by to help!