Pediatric Speech Therapy

Our speech-language pathology program (our clinicians are called speech therapists) emphasizes a team approach with respect to the evaluation and treatment of your child. Treatment is designed to help kids that are experiencing:

  • Oral motor,
  • Speech,
  • Language,
  • Voice, and
  • Cognitive impairments.

Treatment goals are directed towards improving and enhancing your child’s quality of life.

Clinical tests are performed to assess the effects of patient impairments on functional communication or swallowing in order to determine the best course of treatment that will achieve the child and parents’ goals.

Infants and children with various genetic or developmental conditions are assessed to establish an appropriate diagnosis, to formulate treatment goals, and develop a plan of care.

For neurologically involved children, special tests are used assess the function of the mouth and throat, and to assess and treat language and communication abilities.

Evaluation services provided by our speech therapist include:

  • Assessment of infant, pediatric and adult oral motor function, swallowing and feeding skills
  • Assessment of swallowing function and a referral for video fluorography if necessary
  • Assessment of speech and language development in children and adolescents
  • Assessment of speech, language, cognitive function for children
  • Assessment of voice and resonance with acoustic, perceptual and direct visualization techniques
  • Assessment of candidacy for alternative augmentative communication systems
  • Assessment of oral sensorimotor function for swallowing, feeding and speaking

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